December 21, 2008


Sol-stice = sun-stationary,
because the sun rises and sets in the same spot for a few days.
This is the longest night and shortest day of the year,
here in the northern hemisphere.
(The southern hemisphere is celebrating Summer Solstice at the same moment.)
From this day on, the days will get longer.

This phenomenon is a direct result
of the Earth-Sun relationship.
At winter solstice, Sun is at its lowest point:
the longest night, the most profound descent into the dark,
and a subsequent turning of the cycle,
a return to the Light.

Thus a moment of REBIRTH,
return and renewal of the life force are signaled.
Light begins to grow once again.

This is why all cultures on this planet, since long ago,
have celebrated this moment in one way or another.
To safeguard & tend to the sacred fire of Life,
to keep hope alive,
to acknowledge the ever-renewing power of Nature
& and all living things,
to assure the Return of our day star, the Sun.

welcome winter!