January 20, 2009

henry county, indiana

henry county, indiana


4 Responses to “Sunset”

  1. Ely Says:

    beautiful 🙂

  2. Brigadier General Frank Chinswinger Says:

    When you look around you, you see a great deal of what’s perceived as light. Often it’s a reflection from something else. You look around and you say: “Hmmm…it’s light outside, there’s light coming from this.” Even when it’s dark there’s a certain element of light. When you look out into space you say it’s dark out there with points of light.

    The purpose of these words is to shatter an illusion that is held by our scientists and have for a long period of time. It is often described by our scientists, our artists, that black is the absence of light, that white is the presence of all light waves. Light has been ‘measured’ by wave refraction by our scientific community. But in truth dear friends, even in black there is light. It isn’t that there is an absence of light, far from it, it is that light exists but it is not reflected. So the result is viewed as a non existence when in fact it is a non reflection.

    What does light reflect off in order to be measured? If you recognize that our universe is comprised of sub atomic structure you will begin to gain the understanding necessary to explore this. When they’ve looked at themselves and studied matter, our scientists have discovered that matter is comprised of an atomic structure. Each atom is comprised of a number of different sub atomic particles. They’ve discovered that there’s an electron, a neutron, they discovered a quark particle within the atomic structure and they’ve discovered newer smaller particles. In truth, what they haven’t discovered yet is that everything, absolutely everything in the universe has a micro sub-atomic structure that allows its existence.

    What we define as the universe or space and what is perceived around us as the space/time continuum is in fact comprised of tiny individual particles, each particle so minute, microscopic as to be virtually 1 billionth the size of the smallest particle now known to mankind. Inside this, against this microscopic particle would be said to be where light would reflect in such a way as to be noticed. But where does light come from, if everything in the universe is a sub microscopic particle? Let’s give it a name, let’s call it a “microtron”.

    So let’s say with this microtron, there is no instance in the universe that it is not present. Light reflected off these sub atomic particles creates reflection and it’s viewed as light. But what is light? What is it that reflects off these particles? Within our universal structure exists an energy of sustenance that maintains this inter-relationship of every microtron particle to every other microtron particle. This energy of relationship is in effect the thought form that created the universe in the first place. You could call it conciousness. You could call it God. You could call it the choice of eternal oneness. You could just call it love. Me, I like to call it Derek.

    • julayne Says:

      general chinswinger,
      thank you for the loquacious narritive concerning light. even though this blog is intended to reflect simplicity, i’ve decided to publish your comment unedited.
      thank you for visiting!
      peace and light!

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