Down in the Wash 2

May 5, 2009

henry county, indiana
henry county, indiana

my parents inspired in me a love of nature. in 1968, the 6 of us piled into the mercury station wagon and took a trip out west, all the way from indiana to california! even though i was only 5 years old, i have a lot of memories of that trip. we saw; mt. rushmore, yellowstone, the grand canyon, las vegas, hoover dam, the great salt lake, disneyland, san fransico, and back east across the width of texas. we did all that and more! from a young age i was used to long car trips and still love them today. thanks mom and dad, for taking me to all of those wonderful places.


6 Responses to “Down in the Wash 2”

  1. Nathan Says:

    You’ve never told me about that and I’m glad because I enjoyed reading about it here. Just to make you feel old, I was -7 in 1968.

  2. julayne Says:

    i’m glad you enjoyed that story. my parents loved to travel and that is just one of several trips my parents took us on here in the US. dad had a natural curiosity and i think he passed that on to me.
    thanks for reminding me how old i am ;).

  3. Lynne Says:

    Lucky you as I was prone to car sickness! I tell you, I barely remeber that trip. I wish I would have been older.

  4. julayne Says:

    yes, you were car sick a lot! whatever direction we were going, you wanted to go the other way. don’t forget that 10 years later, mom and dad took you and me on another trip out west and we visited a lot of those places again. i remember we were in cripple creek, colorado when we heard the news that elvis had died.

    • Lynne Says:

      In my memory, we were in St. Louis at Aunt Sis and Unlce Milton’s house when we heard that Elivis had died? I am almost sure of that.

      I do remember bits and pieces of the trip out West. Especially the trip to the real working ranch and I think we saw a real rodeo. I also remember taking the train up to Pikes Peak.

      • julayne Says:

        i remember dinner at the ranch; it was served on tin plates. after dinner we had a singalong with the cowboys. i remember the rodeo too, it was in cody, wyoming. i thought the girls barrel racing was exciting. i liked the cog train ride up to pikes peak, but once we were at the summit, i remember feeling sick at that high altitude. do you remember how we tried to recreate the photos of us that were taken 10 years before? i think one was at wall drug in south dakota on the bucking bronco.

        i remember mom and me being in some sort of gift shop in cripple creek when i either overheard someone say that elvis had died or maybe there was a radio on in the shop. we were probably in st. louis not long after the news broke visiting sis and milton, on our way back to indiana. i loved going to that big brick house of theirs. too bad someone painted it purple :(.

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