Down in the Wash

May 5, 2009

henry county, indiana

henry county, indiana

greetings! i’m dedicating this series to my father elvin telford (june 23, 1926-may 2, 2009). these photos were taken on a summer-like sunday morning hike, a couple of weeks ago in an ‘agricultural drainage ditch’. my dad would have called it a ‘wash’ (‘warsh’ if you really want to talk hoosier). There is lots of erosion going on in there, so look for some really interesting root photos. I hope you enjoy them, i enjoyed taking them. thank you to  martin farms for allowing me to trespass on their property. peace!


4 Responses to “Down in the Wash”

  1. Hi, good post. I have been thinking about this issue,so thanks for writing. I will definitely be coming back to your site. Keep up the good posts

  2. poietes Says:

    I’m enjoying your Down in the Wash series. In the above picture, is appears that that one branch is growing in a circle. That’s very cool.

  3. julayne Says:

    hi there!
    thank you for you kind comment. this was a fun hike and i ended up with some really interesting photos too. it’s a kind of strange collaboration between man and nature.

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