Down in the Wash 5

May 11, 2009

henry county, indiana

henry county, indiana

both of my parents grew up during the great depression. i think it was harder for my fathers family; my mothers family owned their home and her father farmed and also worked in coal mines (southern illinois).

 i’m not quite sure of all of the details, but dad’s family lost everything and moved from storm lake, iowa to illinois and then  moved from farm to farm. i remember my mother saying that they (meaning my fathers family) had to move when the rent came due. i remeber one of my aunts telling me that they didn’t even have proper plates or cups and drank out of old tin cans. my father never told me any of these stories, he never had any complaints about his childhood. instead, my dad would tell me stories about how he used to play cowboys and indians on ‘prince’, a horse his family owned. he also used to tell me about how he and his brothers used to go hunting, mostly for rabbit and how his brother ‘doc’ used to be able to catch them with his bare hands.

i think it’s is from these early influnces (and also from later ones that i sought out myself) that i have chosen to live simply.



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