Planting the Garden

June 10, 2009

sunflower seedling

sunflower seedling

it has been a wet and cold spring so far.  i wondered at one point if i was even going to get the garden planted. finally, this recent memorial day weekend, i managed to get the garden tilled and most of it planted. i suppose it’s a bit of a late start, but from what i have heard at my favorite garden store, there are gardeners who are still struggling to get their gardens planted.  i always like to say that mother nature likes to remind us who is in charge.

i have always liked growing vegetables. i remember when i was a young girl, i begged my mother to let me have a space in our backyard to grow some tomato plants. my mother wasn’t against gardening, but for her, growing up during the depression years and on a farm, she wasn’t much into it. i did get a  small space and put way too many plants in it.  it was fun for me and i remember trying to freeze some of the tomatoes to put back for the winter. i highly recommend growing tomatoes, but i don’t recommend freezing them ;).

of course, none of these photographs would  be possible if it wern’t for the generousity of my neighbors (a few miles to the east) and best friends jeff &bonnie johnson. not only have they allowed me the use of the garden plot, they let me store my faithful mantis tiller and my treasured garden way garden cart in a shed on their property. i’m lucky to have such cool friends :).

i hope you enjoy this series.




4 Responses to “Planting the Garden”

  1. Jeffrey Says:

    That is a great shot. I can see the sun flower seed pod right on top of the plant! You must have used your MICRO?

  2. Mindy Says:

    blog, blog blog…great pix! we opted for putting 2 tomato plants into 2 pots this year. had enough of rabbits and flooding over the years! all the best with your garden…

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