Lime Pickles

August 14, 2009

henry county, indiana

henry county, indiana


5 Responses to “Lime Pickles”

  1. HA! I have that same square quilted-pattern jar! I got it from a lady’s estate and strangely enough, I also used mine for sliced pickles this year! I have never tried Lime Pickles! Want to trade a jar of sweet or dill?

    • julayne Says:

      hey there!
      i love those jars with the grid pattern, and i love estate sales too! i don’t go to them much anymore because i end up with too much stuff.
      the lime pickle recipe comes from my friend bonnie; you use pickling lime instead of salt in the brining process (i hope that makes sense). the lime keeps them very crisp. once you try them you never want to use a salt brine again. just look for pickling lime where you buy your canning supplies :).
      by the way, you gardening blog is terrific! i love the giant tomatoes you and your 2 helpers harvested! that would make a great tomato sandwich!
      thanks for visiting my blog. stay cool.

      • Thanks for checking out my blog too! I have so many pickles that I’ll have to try the lime pickles next summer. I love your photos! The flower vine growing up the corn is beautiful.

  2. photobug101 Says:

    that looks great!…LOL

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