October 31, 2009

happy halloween!

oh how i loved to watch sammy terry on late night tv when i was a kid! this was  before cable television (which i still don’t have today!). the only other stations we were able to  pick up were the three network stations. sammy terry came on late either friday or saturday night on wttv channel 4.  channel 4 was an independent station and it was one channel that we didn’t get until my dad either put up a new (maybe stronger) antenna or maybe he just adjusted the direction of the one we had.  anyway, channel 4 was great if you were a kid. after school you could watch reruns of tv shows and sometimes they even showed cartoons when it wasn’t saturday.

the sammy terry show always started out with sammy slowly raising the lid to his coffin and sitting up while laughing his eerie laugh ( it had a great echo effect). he had a spider he talked to named george (i think), and there was also a bat that flew round him too. you could see the strings they were suspended from, but it didn’t matter. sammy would introduce the campy, b horror movies and on breaks he would provide commentary on the bad film.

once, my mother took me to the muncie mall to see him at a personal appearance. i wasn’t the only kid who wanted to see sammy! i could have bought a  8 x 10, black & white glossy to have sammy sign, but i remember my mother thought that the price was too steep. it was ok, i got a big enough thrill just seeing sammy in person.

channel 4 is still around (the same call letters are anyway).  although, the number has changed to 23, i think. i recently saw a commercial length tribute for wttv, advertising that it’s been on the air for 60 years now. of course, in the video montage, guess who i saw clips of? that’s right, sammy terry.




6 Responses to “Boo!”

  1. poietes Says:

    What a nice memory, and kudos on the simplicity in life.

  2. julayne Says:

    thank you. i think it’s good to long for those less complicated, more simplisitc times. 🙂

  3. Mindy Says:

    “That is not dead which can eternal lie,
    And with strange aeons even death may die.”
    H.P. Lovecraft Nov.1921
    …from his character who wrote the masterpiece yet fictional Necronomicon.

  4. Jeffrey Says:

    Great story Julayne.

  5. jeffrey Says:

    I don’t know why my last post has a link in it that has nothing to do with your post?

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