wilber wright fish and wildlife area, henry county, indiana

it’s quite foggy on the prairie this morning, a good day to make a pot of veggie soup.

 i took this photo last winter while hiking one of my favorite trails at wilber wright, near  rural  hillsboro, indiana.  if you venture off the path a little, you can find some ruins of the old state hospital. according to what i’ve been told, the grounds are haunted. cool.

i’m not much for resolutions. however, i think i’ll stay focused on the path i’ve been following: yoga, meditiation & prayer, vegan diet, anticonsumerist (is that an actual word?), mother, photographer, teacher, friend & lover. it’s all good stuff.

happy new year!



henry county, indiana

winter sunsets are the best, i think. they are especially brilliant when it’s very cold out. i took this one last winter along state road 3 , probably looking toward mt. summit.

thinking back over the last year, i’m really happy over some positive changes i’ve made. one change in particular was very sad but it was a good life lesson that i’ve been working on for a better part of my life- wisdom, finally. it hasn’t dampened my positive spirit, in fact, it has encouraged me to continue to practice:  love, gratefulness, kindness, and compassion in all situations.

i feel blessed.



ps warming up a bit, better get errands run before the next snow/ cold wave. i’ll hope for calm winds.

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December 29, 2009

henry county, indiana

cold, snow, moving toward sunshine…oh my! what a wonderful day it’s become.

i took this photograph late last winter or early spring. i took it in the driveway of my friends who live on the hill. it’s part of an old rusty jack that was holding some spring thaw and driveway gravel. i liked all of the colors, shapes, and textures. even though the photos never came out the way i envisioned them, i thought i would go ahead and post this just for a little fun.

let me know if you like it ;).



ps i adjusted the brightness and contrast for the effect you see.

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December 28, 2009

cowan, indiana

happy snowy morning!

it’s been fun for me to go through the photographs i’ve taken in the last year, it’s really encouraged me to keep working on the blog. i took this  photo last winter during a snowstorm. it’s of a church window in the little town of cowan. cowan is about 1 1/2 miles north of oakville. i went to school there (1980) and now my daughter sierra will graduate in 2011. where does the time go?

we were living right outside the beltway in wash. d.c. when i decided to move the kids and myself back to indiana. that was 10 years ago. i had a hard time feeling comfortable in an urban environment. it’s one those things that make up our being that cannot be changed. my kids were just starting school and it was hard for me to send them out into that everyday.

looking back now, i think i made a good decision. the kids are good and so am i.



ps cold, snow, and a strong west wind here on the prairie.

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December 27, 2009

oakville, indiana

i’m about to upgrade to the 21st century! i have an new computer and am now busy trying to better organize my photographs. i’ve decided  to post a few photos that didn’t make it to the blog this previous year.

this photo , taken in janurary or febuary 2009, is the view out my west bedroom window looking southwesterly toward henry county, indiana. i wonder if i actually opened the window to get this? (i have old, dirty windows.) i love how the subzero temperatures make mother natures colors more vivid; it makes me feel like i’m in a maxfield parrish painting. looking back now, after photographing all four seasons, i know for sure that winter is my favorite.  followed closely by spring.

what is your favorite season to photograph?

“i am on a lonely road and i am traveling

 looking for the key to set me free” ~ Joni Mitchell | All I Want



ps the cold wind is blowing across the prairie; along with a few  inches of snow.

Peace On Earth

December 23, 2009

please don't eat us.

from the world peace diet:

As we research, discuss, and deepen our understanding of the mind-body connection, of the human-animal connection, and of our connection with all the larger wholes in which we are embedded, our spiritual purpose will become manifest.



Welcome Winter

December 21, 2009

delaware county, indiana

Almost Winter 2

December 20, 2009

henry county, indiana


i really don’t mean to start ripping off another artists work,  and then put it with my own work.

 however,  i have the say the lyrics from this neil young song do a great job at summing up my life right now.

 “See The Sky About To Rain”

Neil Young

See the sky about to rain,
broken clouds and rain.
Locomotive, pull the train,
whistle blowing
through my brain.
Signals curling on an open plain,
rolling down the track again.
See the sky about to rain.

Some are bound for happiness,
some are bound to glory
Some are bound to live with less,
who can tell your story?

See the sky about to rain,
broken clouds and rain.
Locomotive, pull the train,
whistle blowin’
through my brain.
Signals curlin’ on an open plain,
rollin’ down the track again.
See the sky about to rain.

I was down in Dixie Land,
played a silver fiddle
Played it loud and then the man
broke it down the middle.
See the sky about to rain.

almost winter.



with the onset of winter fast approaching, i’m looking forward to tramping around the countryside in search of worthy subjects to photograph. i love the contrast between this thorny branch and the late afternoon gray sky.

Into Death Bravely

by Jimmy Santiago Baca

throws his great white shield
on the ground,
breaking thin arms of twisting branches,
and then howls
on the north side of the Black Mesa
a deep, throaty laughter.
Because of him
we have to sell our cattle
that rake snow for stubble.
Having lived his whole life
in a few weeks,
slow and pensive he walks away,
dragging his silver-stream shield
down branches
and over the ground,
he keeps walking slowly away
into death




dec. 15.   since publishing this,  i learned that my cousin John Pfeiffer passed away unexpectedly sunday. it occurs to me now, that it was he who inspired this post.