Peace On Earth

December 23, 2009

please don't eat us.

from the world peace diet:

As we research, discuss, and deepen our understanding of the mind-body connection, of the human-animal connection, and of our connection with all the larger wholes in which we are embedded, our spiritual purpose will become manifest.



2 Responses to “Peace On Earth”

  1. mindy Says:

    “…those untamed profundities in himself that walked alone, companionless among modern men, suffering an eternal nostalgia, at last knew the approach to satisfaction. for when the inner catastrophe completed itself and escape should come – that transfer of the conscious center across the threshold into the vaster region simulated by the earth-all his longings would be housed at last like homing birds, nested in the gentle places his yearnings all these years had lovingly built for them – in the living nature!” ~
    Algernon Blackwood

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