2009 Retrieved

December 27, 2009

oakville, indiana

i’m about to upgrade to the 21st century! i have an new computer and am now busy trying to better organize my photographs. i’ve decided  to post a few photos that didn’t make it to the blog this previous year.

this photo , taken in janurary or febuary 2009, is the view out my west bedroom window looking southwesterly toward henry county, indiana. i wonder if i actually opened the window to get this? (i have old, dirty windows.) i love how the subzero temperatures make mother natures colors more vivid; it makes me feel like i’m in a maxfield parrish painting. looking back now, after photographing all four seasons, i know for sure that winter is my favorite.  followed closely by spring.

what is your favorite season to photograph?

“i am on a lonely road and i am traveling

 looking for the key to set me free” ~ Joni Mitchell | All I Want



ps the cold wind is blowing across the prairie; along with a few  inches of snow.


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