Wintry Sunday Morning

January 27, 2010

henry county, indiana

i have always found gravestones interesting.  what i really like about this photo are the shadows and various shades of gray. i like the composition too. i took this on a recent cold and blustery sunday morning trip to miller cemetery where my parents are buried. i wanted to see if dad’s information had been engraved yet. it had.

i sure do miss my parents.

“fly away through the midnight air
as we head across the sea,
and at last we will be free”

~  paul mccartney | bluebird



ps the sun has returned to the prairie! ~ welcome back, old friend.


2 Responses to “Wintry Sunday Morning”

  1. poietes Says:

    This is beautiful in its starkness. I, too, love gravestones and find them to be quite elegant.

    Also love the quote. I miss my dad every single day, and it’s been almost over 8 years.

  2. julayne Says:

    good evening!
    thank you for your kind and compassionate thoughts. i think we must have much in common :).
    single digits and below zero windchill here on the prarie. brrrrrrr….

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