Intention 2

February 14, 2010

oakville, indiana

 when i think about living with intention, certain words come to my mind: freedom, liberation, creativity, peace, love.  wow.  just how does one go about living this way? for me, it’s a constant work in progress. the first big moment of realization for me was learning about the ego; how we really have to learn through observation in ourselves and then also observing  others with more acceptance and less  judgement. another big lesson for me is learning  the practice of living in the present moment. even though i’m not always successful and have moments where the ego takes over or i obsess over things i can’t control, i do my best to catch myself and learn. every time i get it, i feel a little more free.    


Blue, songs are like tattoos
You know I’ve been to sea before
Crown and anchor me
Or let me sail away
Hey Blue, there is a song for you
Ink on a pin
Underneath the skin
An empty space to fill in

~ Joni Mitchell




2 Responses to “Intention 2”

  1. poietes Says:

    I love both song choices. Very wonderful memories.

    Ah yes. Living with intention. So hard. Good idea but so much more difficult to put into practice. I wish you well on your journey. My difficulty always comes from obsessing over the what ifs and not being able to accept the nows. But life is about learning, We must never forget that.

    • julayne Says:

      i so appreciate your thoughts. such wisdom. i think you’re right when you say we are here to learn. it’s all laid out before us and it’s up to us to choose the path. with every choice, we (hopefully) evolve a little bit more. thank you.

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