Stone Bridge | Narrow View

March 17, 2010

henry county, indiana


i’m happy to report that there isn’t much of that white stuff around here anymore. no sir, it’s gone. not much longer until we can celebrate the arrival of spring. it’s a very exciting time for me.

i thought i would post one more view of the stone bridge. i like the moss on the stones in this photo. it adds an interesting texture.

happy st. patricks day! have a pint of guiness and thank the irish for saving civilization :).



6 Responses to “Stone Bridge | Narrow View”

  1. poietes Says:

    I really love the way this strone bridge looks.

    • julayne Says:

      good morning!
      this is the opposite side of the bridge (from previous photos). it was quite different because it’s shaded with overgrowth, which , i think, is what gives it that mossy and corroded appearance. also, did you notice? no yellow paint! i guess the paint didn’t adhere well in the shady wet conditions ;). thank you mother nature!!!

  2. epicswife Says:

    This is a fantastic photo!! I love how you can see all the way down and the pattern of the snow adds to the bridge so nicely – Great Eye!!

  3. poietes Says:

    Oh I definitely noticed that there was no yellow paint. Moss is so much prettier.

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