Thursday Morning

March 25, 2010

henry county, indiana


this is a photo from last winter (09). this approaching storm was very strong and knocked out our power for 16 hours.  there i was out in it.

don’t you love the barn roof? it’s practically luminous!

it’s been a quiet week around here with the kids gone. for spring break their dad has taken them with him on a trip to california. ah, to be young again. can you imagine what california must look like to 2 kids from oakville, indiana? my parents liked to travel so i was able to see a lot of the US as a child. then when i was married, i got to travel some more.  even as a child, i knew that i could only feel at home in a rural, open setting.

home: a place of personal solitude.

what is your definition of home?



7 Responses to “Thursday Morning”

  1. poietes Says:

    You are right about the roof. It seems to glow in the dark.

    • julayne Says:

      i think this is a very old barn with a very new roof. the dark sky does make the roof glow, does’nt it?
      i woke up to snow this morning! boo-hoo.

  2. I like the blue of the background. Your pictures bring me back to my native land (Illinois).

    How does it feel to have the kids gone? Lonely?

    • julayne Says:

      good morning,
      i like the dark background too. i did miss the kids, but i do enjoy my time alone too. they are growing up so fast. 1 more year of high school and my daughter will be off to college. i was just dropping her off for kindergarten the other day!
      both of my parents were from illinois and i still have relatives there. do you ever get homesick? i know when i lived in other parts of the country, i would miss the corn fields and wide open spaces.
      thanks for stopping by 🙂

      • I have lived outside of Illinois for nearly 15 years, but I don’t get homesick. I would say that I am a city mouse rather than a country mouse now.

        I do miss my family members. When I return, I am refreshed by how kind and down home the people are. I like returning and knowing that is ‘my’ place, just accepted, and everything falls back into place. And the cornfields and long expanses while driving are calming.

        It sounds like you enjoy your solitude, but you also know that your “kid-time” is limited, so you are soaking it up! Have a great week. I enjoy seeing your photos.

  3. Julayne, I enjoy many of the pictures here on your site. What is the policy on useage. I produce digital composites for personal fun, nothing commercial for sale. I post them on flickr at low resolution for people to look at and they are too small to print, other than a post card size.

    thanks, Jim Kendall

    • julayne Says:

      hi mr. kendall,
      thank you for contacting me concerning my photos, that’s very nice of you. i don’t mind if you use my photos. if you get the opportunity to give me credit, i’d appreciate it.
      happy spring!

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