Come in From the Heat

July 8, 2010

new castle henry county public library


it’s been quite hot here as of late. when the thermometer  reaches into the 90’s, i start thinking of things to do other than sit in the apartment in front of a fan. one of my most favorite (and cool) places to visit is the public library. it’s a great place to socialize too! some of the other hot weather activities that i like to do are swimming in the lake (even better if you have a friend with a pool) and hiking in the cool woods. work in the garden has to be done in the morning or evening. afternoon siestas are rejuvenating too!  living in indiana, you can always count on the weather changing and sometimes pretty fast. mother nature will provide respite from the heat for us soon.

how do you escape from the heat?



2 Responses to “Come in From the Heat”

  1. jomegat Says:

    Last Sunday was a scorcher here (though it’s been even hotter since then). My daughter and I hiked up to the top of Mount Major where it was at least ten degrees cooler. Not so sure that would be a great idea today since the mountain is on fire at the moment (and has been since the weekend). I haven’t heard how it started, but I could venture a very patriotic guess!

    • julayne Says:

      it’s so nice to see your comment :). you and your daughter must have had a great hike. i’m sure it all seemed worth it once you reached the summit. i’m sorry to hear about the fire though :(. i hope it’s out soon.
      have you read any good books lately?

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