Birthday Hike 3

August 15, 2010

la salle county, illinois


even though my birthday was almost 2 weeks ago, i’m still working on getting the birthday hike photos posted.  i’ve been absent from the blog because i’ve been to lake michigan this past week.  it was a lovely time and the weather was perfect for swimming, sunning and exploring. i also managed to get a little rest and reading in too.  i really enjoyed it.

here is another birthday gift from mother nature that i came across on my hike. what beautiful colors! i’m such a lucky gal :).

it’s hard for me to believe but i’m back to work tomorrow. tomorrow!  i’m still trying to wrap my mind around that one. along with the new school year comes some new challenges in my job. i’m looking forward to these challenges and hope i’m able to make a quick switch from summer mode to school mode. so far i don’t feel like i’m there yet. yikes! fingers crossed.

do you feel like the summer has gone by in a blur?



4 Responses to “Birthday Hike 3”

  1. poietes Says:

    Summer has flown by, but I’m sort of glad because it’s been a really hard summer on my end.

    • julayne Says:


      yes, i remember reading a post you wrote not too long ago about personal struggles you been thorugh this summer. i’m hoping things have improved and i’m sending positive thoughts your way.
      how are you doing presently?

  2. poietes Says:

    Not much has changed. Things are still up in the air. Hoping that the fall brings changes.

    • julayne Says:

      i’m sorry to hear things are not progressing much :(. i’m hoping that fall will bring positive changes for you. keep your chin up!
      my best,

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