Beginners Mind

February 3, 2011

la salle county, illinois


post winter storm greetings from the frozen prairie. the kids and me fared very well through this past winter storm. we only lost power for about 7 hours which is much better than the last big ice storm we had in 2005; instead of 7 hours without power it was 7 days!

with all of this time off of work, what’s a girl to do?  thankfully this girl has electricity (for my dvd player), so i’ve spent a big part of it on my yoga practice. i have been feeling restless in my yoga practice as of late and have been thinking that i’m ready to progress. i recently acquired (through netflix) a beginners practice dvd for ashtanga yoga. i tried it and found it to be quite challenging. it really opened my eyes and taught me a lesson that i should already know: to do well at something you must first master the basics before moving on. in my basic beginners practice i have avoided learning back bend asanas (postures/poses) and it was quite obvious to me when attempting ashtanga yoga.

now that i’ve been humbled by my arrogance, i realize that yoga is teaching me exactly what it is suppose to: to  still the restlessness in my heart and mind. now i’m back at my mat practicing back bend asanas with patience and joy.


~~~~  ~~~~

the photo i’ve posted was taken last weekend when i was visiting richard. this is the windbreak on the north side of his property. we took a wonderful walk while i was there and i hope to share more of those photos with you soon.





6 Responses to “Beginners Mind”

  1. poietes Says:

    I miss yoga. It’s one of the things that I miss the most from my old life. Maybe someday I’ll be able to resume it.

    Love the photograph. May I use on my blog?

    • julayne Says:


      i hope that you can resume yoga. would it be possible for you to modifiy the poses to your current abilities?

      i’m so glad you like the photo and yes you are welcome to use it on your blog.

      stay warm,


  2. Jeffrey Says:

    Great shot. I like the lighting and how those trees are placed. Look at the one tree leaning over by itself; that makes me think of people standing in line and one drunk leaning over trying to stand. I should know (and you should too) after one glass of my wild berry honey wine, it knocks your socks off. I should put it in the freezer and see if it will freeze. This shot looks freezing out.

    • julayne Says:

      hey there,
      thanks! i like how the trees draw the eye away too. i also noticed the leaning one; there is another ‘leaner’ farther down if you look closely.

      i think you mean wild berry honey ‘beer’ don’t you? did you end up brewing a batch of winter storm beer?

      it was actually not too cold the day i took this photo. before our walk we picked up a truckload of firewood and my gloves were wet (from loading and unloading) on the walk. by the time we got back, i could hardly feel my fingers! silly girl, i had another pair of dry gloves in the house.



  3. Sierra Says:

    I don’t remember this picture, but I love it. Now the background of my computer screen. Good job mommy!

    • julayne Says:

      thanks, i like how this one came out too. i used a website you showed me to alter it. it’s a reverse negative effect, i think.

      thanks honey! i love you.

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