Cabin Fever

February 6, 2011

la salle county, illinois

happy sunday morning!

a few more inches of snow has fallen on the prairie and i’m starting to wonder if spring will ever arrive. because of the weather, i only worked 1 day last week and am hoping that this last snow won’t delay us going back.

i don’t know that i’ve made the best use of my time. there is still some laundry to do and household chores to get to, although, it’s nice that the kids are so helpful, it makes it much easier on me. i’ve spent a lot of this free time focused on yoga and thinking about the yogic lifestyle. i’m quite inspired by the core principals  of  abhyasa and vairagya. practicing non attachment is very appealing to me and i feel i have a good start in that direction. but now that i look around i feel as if i can do better. i want to focus on my abundance of clothing. purchasing all of my clothing second hand, i sometimes get carried away because i find some very nice clothing for very little money. why not only take what i really need and leave the rest for others?

i’m also working on an erosion bundle. i think it’s a fun idea even though i just found out about it and am a little late on starting it, i think it could be a fun ongoing project through the year. wish me luck.

****    ****    ****    ****

the photo posted here was taken at richard’s when i was visiting him in december. i’ll dedicate this one to seth as richard mentioned that he liked this one.




7 Responses to “Cabin Fever”

  1. nellesblog Says:

    beautiful angle that you captured with the icicles and sun!

  2. poietes Says:

    Love the icicles. What are you using for our erosion bundle?

    • julayne Says:

      thanks, aren’t icicles fun?

      i made the erosion bundle with a piece of white scrap linen (flat sheet). for dye/color i used elderberries from my freezer and also beets, and some scraps from the butternut squash richard and i had for dinner that evening. i also used: a canning jar ring, bottlecap, coffee filters, a special quartz like stone (a gift from my friend nathan in england), and a flat fosselized stone. i rolled it up and tied it securely with hemp twine and then wrapped it in an old (paper) bread bag. richard hung it from an evergreen at his house. i’m hoping i will like the outcome. thank you for your interest!

      i hope things are great with you and yours.



  3. shellriver Says:

    Great photo! I love the icicles and the tree in the background!

    • julayne Says:


      thank you for visiting my blog! i’m a big fan your your blog. i think we have a similar style in photography and i think your writing is awesome!



      • shellriver Says:

        Thank you for the kind words! I love your blog! It’s interesting and fun to see what other people are doing and photographing! We definitely have similar styles in photography.
        I was struck by your comment about buying more clothing than you need because you get it second hand. I do the same thing and have been going through my “stuff” to downsize.
        I’m looking forward to more of your posts!


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