Love & Winter

March 6, 2011

la salle county, illinois


i took this photo janurary 1 while wandering around richard’s property.

weather-wise, when this photo was taken, we had just had a warm up; it was a balmy news year eve and several inches of snow had just melted. winter and relationships are similar in that way; they warm up and then cool down. i like to say that mother nature likes to let us know who’s in charge.

 what i like about this barn is that even though it’s slowly falling down due to neglect, the frame still looks quite sturdy and it’s possible that with a little tlc the barn could come to life again and have many more years of use.

 it’s this that stands out to me even on a cold, bleak winter day; tender loving care can cause positive change, all we have to do is be brave, trust our intuition and believe in the healing powers of love.

stay warm.



3 Responses to “Love & Winter”

  1. poietes Says:

    I love old barns. Anytime I am fortunate to come across one, I take a picture.
    This is lovely. What is the structure on the left?

    • julayne Says:

      hi lita,
      i like this one too. there are a few interesting outbuildings that are on or border richard’s property. to the left is a grain bin. it’s hauled out to the field by tractor or truck when farmers are harvesting, the farmer then takes the grain directly to the grain elevator or possibly for storage at the farm. i’ll be back at richard’s next week; we have been busy putting in the spring garden. i hope to get a few more photos worthy of posting.

      your blog is looking good! how are you feeling these days?

      happy spring!



  2. poietes Says:

    I thought that was a grain bin, but I wasn’t certain.

    Corey rented a tiller (ours is broken) and tilled a nice plot in the backyard for the vegetable garden and sunflowers. I have promised myself that I will plant flowers this spring like I used to do.

    I’m feeling a bit better, but one of my new meds is making me very tired. Another adjustment period. Another invasive test this coming Monday. I’ll be glad when the tests are over.

    Happy spring to you, too.


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