The Best Day Ever

February 17, 2012

la salle county, illinois

oh happy day!  my first eagle photo!

on our way home from town this morning richard and i spotted this beauty on the back road in a pasture. he (or she?) seemed to be a little bit off the beaten path , for an wintering eagle anyway, as i think they tend to stay near the river. we stopped to admire him for just a moment and then zoomed home to grab the camera. when we returned , he was still there. what a thrill!

whatever the reason this beautiful creature was brought to our neck of the woods, i’ll be forever grateful :).

have a great weekend!



10 Responses to “The Best Day Ever”

  1. jomegat Says:

    I’ve seen eagles on many occasions before, but never when I had a camera handy. You should (and I’m sure you do) count yourself lucky!

    • julayne Says:

      yes! i certainly do appreciate my good luck. the wintering eagles here at starved rock are a big attraction and i feel so spoiled being able to have them practically living in my back yard.

      thanks for visiting :).



  2. Laura Says:

    WOW!!! Beautiful!!! Lucky you; perfect setting for the photo!

  3. Jeffrey Says:

    GREAT SHOT! LOVE IT! If it’s a Bald Eagle, why does he have feathers? Does he belong to the Hair Club? Or maybe, is he the President of the Club?..LOL… Just kidding…Good shot.

  4. Maria Ada Says:

    Amazing! You are so lucky… we have to treasure our Illinois eagles especially 🙂

  5. waynewash1 Says:

    I finally got to your blog with my sons help by using google. He and my daughter in law love to try to catch a shot like this, Very Nice. PS met you in Mary Mary’s the other day ~~~

    • julayne Says:

      hi wayne,

      glad you found me! i felt very fortunate to get this shot; it will probably be a while before i get another opportunity like this one again.

      thanks for visiting and your comment.


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