February 21, 2012

vermillion river, la salle county, illinois


i took this photo earlier this winter while hiking along the vermillion river. i guess that my natural curiosity got the better of me and i had to bend down and look into the hollow log. not an unusual thing for me to do. looking at the world from a different perspective from time to time can be healthy  in that it may spark creativity or unique thoughts; your own personal way of thinking outside the box.



7 Responses to “Perspective”

  1. JOE SMOE Says:

    Good to see you’re using your camera. I wish I had more time for my camera.

  2. JOE SMOE Says:

    OH SHit! I Forgot to tell you GREAT SHOT>>> LOVE IT. GOOD JOB,,,GOOD EYE….

  3. JOE SMOE Says:

    Hey, I stole that photo!I’m Going to use it for my RIVERLAND RESERVE WINE. HOPE YOU DON’T MIND. I’ll Give you a couple bottles. THANK YOU…. Don’t you think that’s great for the RIVERLAND RESERVE? I think it’s PERFECT.

    • julayne Says:

      hey joe,

      thanks for all of the nice comments. i’m looking forward to a bottle of riverland reserve. how did you come up with that name? i sure do miss brewing and bottling beer with you. i guess i’m homesick.



  4. Laura Says:

    Snow yet? Saw there was big weather coming your way. Know you haven’t had much this year… Enjoy!

  5. julayne Says:


    yes we did get some snow in the early morning hours, but not a whole lot, maybe an inch. the trees are well dusted though and i think i will head out to take some photos. also, i’ve been looking for my elusive owl friend. i had the perfect opportunity to take his pic just the other day…that’s right; i left my camera at home.

    will i ever learn?

    happy friday!


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