Birdhouse Gourds, Compost and Cold Frames

March 1, 2012

la salle county, illinois

hello and happy march 1st!

richard grew these birdhouse gourds  a couple of seasons ago and we made them into homes for our feathered friends last winter. i really appreciate how utilitarian growing and using this particular gourd can be. we didn’t get too fancy by painting them, although,  i think a coat of  some sort of weatherproofing  might be a good idea. however, i don’t think i would be able to put them in the compost heap if they were treated with some sort of paint or  varnish. the birds moved in last spring and seem to like them very much and that gives me a good feeling.

we are starting to work on a 3 bin composting system made from standard wooden skids which we have on hand. large amounts of compost are essential for a healthy, fertile, soil and plants. along with the compost bins we have also set up a simple cold frame made from bales of straw and old single pane windows that were laying idle in the attic. i have planted various lettuces and some spinach as well. of course, i’ve got the elusive (for me anyway) corn salad in there as part of my desire to learn how to best make that delicious herb grow.



4 Responses to “Birdhouse Gourds, Compost and Cold Frames”

  1. Jeffrey Says:

    I can’t understand why you all got snow and we did not,,it was 72 here yesterday…. No snow,, nice bird house tho”

  2. julayne Says:

    yesterday we had very strong winds but no storms or rain and only got up to about 55. i’d love to feel 72 degrees!



  3. poietes Says:

    Corey grew some bird house gourds, but we haven’t gotten around to doing anything with them yet. I had wanted to paint them, but I didn’t think about the composting issue.

    • julayne Says:

      hi there,

      the more i think about it the more i think that birdhouse gourds would be difficult to compost and would probably be better run through a shredder. (for mulch maybe?)

      i need to get over to your blog and fine out what is going on with you and corey, et. al.,.

      nice to hear from you. peace.


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