Busy Bees

March 27, 2012


things have been pretty busy around here as you can see in the photo. richard and i have been very busy too. the extended warm spell and dry conditions have given us plenty of time to work in the gardens and other parts of the property. to add to our excitement, richard found an add for free red raspberries; all we had to do was go dig them up, so we did and we now have enough for a market garden size raspberry patch. we are busy transplanting them right now, i hope all goes well.

right now, we have:  peas, radish, beets, carrots, lettuces all emerging. we have several volunteers coming up such as kale, cilantro, a few carrots and onions; we leave them where they are and plant or weed around them. the garlic wintered nicely and is looking very happy. along with the raspberry canes, i have planted potatoes and spinach. currently we are in a bit of a cool down spell with storms predicted the next few days. i’m hoping to get in another succession planting of lettuce in the ground today.

the compost heap is working nicely and we have started our second batch. when we moved the first batch to bin number two, it started cooling down. still haven’t figured out why it stopped cooking. i’m going to research that and think we can figure out just what made that happen.

hope you are having a pleasant spring.



pear blossoms, la salle county, illinois

4 Responses to “Busy Bees”

  1. poietes Says:

    Beautiful picture. Oh how I envy you the space to have a raspberry patch. Fresh raspberries are one of my weaknesses, but they are so darned expensive. Let us know if they take root. Best of luck.

  2. julayne Says:


    thank you.

    richard has a weakness for raspberries too, and you’re right, they are very expensive. so far so good with the transplanting i think. some of them are certainly stressed, but the majority are doing very well.

    we do have a lot of space (very beautiful, private space) and i’m not complaining, but the mowing can take hours to do. i think it’s good to approach it in a zen like state or else be sure to bring your ipod, lol.



  3. shellriver Says:

    Hi, Julayne!

    Looks like you have real spring there! We have snow flurries this morning! They are so beautiful! I love volunteer plants…it’s so fun to see what grows unexpectedly! Enjoy!


    • julayne Says:

      hi mary!
      yes, the weather has been beyond mild. even though it’s my first year living here in north central illinois, this has to be considered most unusual weather. i’m sorry about your snow flurries,and i’m not sure i would recommend you read my latest post, lol. it seems that we are going into spring with drought-like conditions. how is the rainfall in your area? i live very close to the vermillion river and it’s low, low, low. how is the shell river?


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