March 3, 2012

richard at the burn pit during full moon

what is it about watching the flames of a fire that hypnotize us? flame gazing has a therapeutic, meditative quality about it that allows us to still our mind. perhaps it’s fascination with fire that we have genetically  inherited by the earliest humans? do we control the flames or do the flames control us? something to contemplate.

although i don’t think this photo is of the best quality. i love the subject.

enjoy your weekend.



Campfire on the Hill

July 27, 2009

henry county, indiana

henry county, indiana

if you have ever read my about page you know that campfires on the hill are a favorite pastime.  while it’s aesthetically pleasing, campfires also have very practical uses. it’s great to have a meal prepared over the fire; especially if it’s food you have grown in your garden or purchased at your local farmers market. as the sun begins to set, the fire can provide warmth when a bit of the evening air dampness and chill begin to set in. as the moon starts to rise and the stars begin to appear, the campfire provides just the right amount of light for viewing  celestial bodies.

a big thank you to bonnie johnson for her awesome fire building skills.


Burn 4

April 2, 2009


Burn 3

April 1, 2009

henry county, indiana

henry county, indiana

Burn 2

March 31, 2009

henry county, indiana

henry county, indiana

Burn Series

March 30, 2009


henry county, indiana


in early spring you will often see farmers and rural folk burning away old growth along the fence rows. this is a series of photographs i’m going to title ‘burn’.