Black Walnuts

January 9, 2012

richard cracking black walnuts, janurary 2012                                                           


long time, no post.

slowly but surely i’m updating the blog.

to briefly mention what i’ve been doing for the last (almost) year, here’s a summary:

in may 2011, i resigned my position(s) at blue river valley school corp. and then moved 300 miles (a little bit north but mostly west with alejandro in tow) to illinois. now i’m living with richard in his giant farm house. i like to call it the hulking mansion. more about that later.

it’s really been a fresh start for me in that i purged most of my belongings. what i ended up bring with me was what we could fit in the back of richard’s full size pick-up truck and we also made a couple of trips with our compact cars. even for someone who has been working for a while on simplifying and downsizing, it’s quite challenging.  even so,  i’ve managed to get rid of even more stuff.  it’s important to know how to responsibly  discard your things. it’s a lofty goal, but i would one day like to not have to put anything into the landfill.

i’ve made some advances in vegan cooking and baking.

i’ve been struggling to maintain a daily practice of yoga and meditation. in one of our adventurous outings richard and i joined a meditation group. i have learned that this area is a magnet for spiritual practice from the world over.

i have moved to a very scenic area complete with wintering bald eagles. this has been helpful with keeping a camera in my hands. wonderful hiking trails.

a couple of things i would like to write about in future posts:

living in self-imposed poverty.

what it’s like when you drop out of the practice of consumerism.



film (mostly foreign).


making things.

simple lifestyle.

it’s a frequent sight around here to see richard cracking black walnuts. he also cracks them on his lunch break at work. richard is so industrious! it was a good year for walnuts; we processed a ton of them. i remember many  pleasant late summer and fall evenings spent husking the walnuts on the patio. it’s a very labor intensive process from harvest to walnut butter. one of the best things i’ve ever eaten is our homemade walnut butter and  (also homemade) blackberry jam on a piece of toast.

i’ve updated my blogroll. take a look if you like that kind of thing.

comments please!

thanks for reading. best wishes to you in 2012.



Happy New Year

January 1, 2011

la salle county, illinois

happy new year!

as i was helping richard with outdoor chores today, i noticed the pink sunset through the slats of the old barn at the back of his property. curious, i walked into the barn and snapped the sunset through one of the knot holes in the barn wood. i thought it was a nice frame for the sunset.

my hope  for the new year is a simple yet abundant year full of good health, happiness, peace and love.

what is your wish for the new year?



Don’t Forget to Look Up

December 4, 2010

ceiling mural, new york public library, nyc


i know it’s been ages since i’ve posted photos or written here. i could go on about my excuses for not being here but would rather write as to why i’m back. i’ve realized that this month when worlds collide is going into it’s 3rd year. it’s hard for me to believe that i’ve had the blog this long. for me, it’s been a great creative outlet for photography and my desire to write more.  photography comes very easy to me compared to the writing.

 in an attempt to make some positive changes with the blog, i’m going to attempt to write about more personal things that are important to me: simple living and a vegan diet- including inspiration from the world peace diet. also, i would like to broaden my subjects in photography. i may throw in a few comments about books, film, and music too. another change in the blog is that i’ve invited someone to collaborate. richard and i met this past year. i think he’s a very good writer and am looking forward to his contributions.  i think he will have a very positive effect on the blog, just like the positive effect he has had on me.

love is grand.



Summer Vibrations 2

August 25, 2010

st. joseph, michigan


right across from the lovely home i was staying while in st. joseph was this lovely meditation garden. i walked through it several times and was able to sit and enjoy the peaceful vibration , balance, and harmony. unfortunately, the mosquitos were plentiful and i had to flee before i was really ready to go.

mother nature likes to let us know who’s in charge.



Summer Vibrations

August 24, 2010

lake michigan, st. joseph, michigan


the summer evening is starting to feel slightly cooler to me. this subtle change reminds me that the weather will soon begin to cool and that the earth is gradually moving into another season. before that happens, i’d like to share a few photos i took a couple of weeks ago while visiting the charming town of st. joseph, michigan.

being right on lake michigan was so pleasant. it was so easy to enjoy the morning walk along the beach, afternoons swimming, and watching the sun set. i also met and had very interesting conversations with people i just happened to meet by chance. but in reality, was it by chance? i happen to believe that people of similar vibration levels attract one to another.  

 after returning home from a trip, it’s important to me to realize what it is that i bring back with me. not necessarily souvenirs, but the intangible; the positive emotions and memories that you come home with. capturing some of it in photographs helps to preserve or revive those memories.

what fond memory or feeling can you recall from a  place you have visited?



Birthday Hike 3

August 15, 2010

la salle county, illinois


even though my birthday was almost 2 weeks ago, i’m still working on getting the birthday hike photos posted.  i’ve been absent from the blog because i’ve been to lake michigan this past week.  it was a lovely time and the weather was perfect for swimming, sunning and exploring. i also managed to get a little rest and reading in too.  i really enjoyed it.

here is another birthday gift from mother nature that i came across on my hike. what beautiful colors! i’m such a lucky gal :).

it’s hard for me to believe but i’m back to work tomorrow. tomorrow!  i’m still trying to wrap my mind around that one. along with the new school year comes some new challenges in my job. i’m looking forward to these challenges and hope i’m able to make a quick switch from summer mode to school mode. so far i don’t feel like i’m there yet. yikes! fingers crossed.

do you feel like the summer has gone by in a blur?



Birthday Hike 2

August 5, 2010

la salle county, illinois


another highlight along my birthday hike was being able to spend a few minutes watching this spider at work.

a wonderful birthday gift from mother nature, don’t you think?

what do you consider to be a special gift to you from mother nature?