Morning Harvest

April 27, 2012


i took this photo this morning after harvesting some greens from the garden. it’s a nice mix of lettuces and kales with cilantro thrown in  as well.  there was the most beautiful, delicate frost on the greens and i was glad i was able to get a glimpse of it before we move into milder weather . our combination of greens planted this spring has made for a great salad mix this season, and i’m far from tired of it.  we also have some nice mild radishes coming up. we do have some beets coming up, but not many, so i’m glad i planted another row. the carrots are coming along nicely but i’m going to have to get in there and clear out the invasive cilantro that seems to be taking over the garden so it has a chance. anyone for guacamole? hummus with lots of cilantro? green smoothies, heavy on cilantro?

in the last week we have made a few purchases. we bought a new car. even though my car is still running it’s getting a bit scary with 220,000 miles on it. in keeping with my philosophy of buying secondhand i found a volvo v70 station wagon on craigslist from a very nice couple in la salle. what will become of my car? richard found a tractor in tonica and they are willing to take a car in trade for it. we’ve also acquired a 16′ mohawk canoe and a tandem bicycle. we took the canoe out on a small lake sunday and had a great time. we rode a tandem bike when we were in new harmony, indiana and loved it. i think we are set for summer fun, don’t you?

happy friday!



Summer Vibrations

August 24, 2010

lake michigan, st. joseph, michigan


the summer evening is starting to feel slightly cooler to me. this subtle change reminds me that the weather will soon begin to cool and that the earth is gradually moving into another season. before that happens, i’d like to share a few photos i took a couple of weeks ago while visiting the charming town of st. joseph, michigan.

being right on lake michigan was so pleasant. it was so easy to enjoy the morning walk along the beach, afternoons swimming, and watching the sun set. i also met and had very interesting conversations with people i just happened to meet by chance. but in reality, was it by chance? i happen to believe that people of similar vibration levels attract one to another.  

 after returning home from a trip, it’s important to me to realize what it is that i bring back with me. not necessarily souvenirs, but the intangible; the positive emotions and memories that you come home with. capturing some of it in photographs helps to preserve or revive those memories.

what fond memory or feeling can you recall from a  place you have visited?



Birthday Hike 3

August 15, 2010

la salle county, illinois


even though my birthday was almost 2 weeks ago, i’m still working on getting the birthday hike photos posted.  i’ve been absent from the blog because i’ve been to lake michigan this past week.  it was a lovely time and the weather was perfect for swimming, sunning and exploring. i also managed to get a little rest and reading in too.  i really enjoyed it.

here is another birthday gift from mother nature that i came across on my hike. what beautiful colors! i’m such a lucky gal :).

it’s hard for me to believe but i’m back to work tomorrow. tomorrow!  i’m still trying to wrap my mind around that one. along with the new school year comes some new challenges in my job. i’m looking forward to these challenges and hope i’m able to make a quick switch from summer mode to school mode. so far i don’t feel like i’m there yet. yikes! fingers crossed.

do you feel like the summer has gone by in a blur?



Birthday Hike

August 3, 2010

la salle county, illinois


this summer has seemed to go by so fast!  along with summer comes my birthday. instead of focusing on the fact that i’m not getting any younger, i think it’s time i start to appreciate what age brings.  being 40 something, i think there are a lot of positive things i can focus on. this summer, i’ve realized that my daughter is not a child anymore and is blossoming into a beautiful young woman. it’s been hard for me to realize that, and i’m sure it’s been quite annoying for her. after taking a step back and really looking at her, i feel ok with letting go. well, letting go a  little anyway.

i’m not one to celebrate with a cake or anything really special that focuses on me. it means more to me to do something nice for others. however,  i do have a couple of traditions for celebrating. one tradition i have is to watch ingmar bergman’s winter light. it’s my favorite bergman film ever. also,  i do like to take some time to reflect on the past year, think about the coming  year and take advantage of a little bit of solitude. what better way to do that than to take a hike?

this morning i hiked in a nature preserve in la salle county, illinois. being surrounded by nature and all of it’s beauty is the perfect way for me to celebrate. it had rained last night through this morning and everything was wet and lush when i started the hike. by the time i was heading out of the preserve, the clouds had cleared and the beautiful sunlight was streaming through the forest. i saw so many beautiful things! 

i hope you enjoy the photos i took while hiking and reflecting. i hope to post several of the photos in the next few days.

what special ritual(s) do you have to commemorate turning another year older? 



Summer Botanical

July 17, 2010

henry county, indiana


queen anne’s lace has always been one of my favorite roadside wildflowers.  i remember walking (driving as i got older) along country roads in my youth cutting a variety of wildflowers to take home and arrange in vases.

there is beauty all around us. all you have to do is take the time to look.

what is your favorite summer botanical?



Cloud Gazing

July 11, 2010

la salle county, illinois

what do you see?



Come in From the Heat

July 8, 2010

new castle henry county public library


it’s been quite hot here as of late. when the thermometer  reaches into the 90’s, i start thinking of things to do other than sit in the apartment in front of a fan. one of my most favorite (and cool) places to visit is the public library. it’s a great place to socialize too! some of the other hot weather activities that i like to do are swimming in the lake (even better if you have a friend with a pool) and hiking in the cool woods. work in the garden has to be done in the morning or evening. afternoon siestas are rejuvenating too!  living in indiana, you can always count on the weather changing and sometimes pretty fast. mother nature will provide respite from the heat for us soon.

how do you escape from the heat?



Beautiful Summer Day

June 30, 2010

oakville, indiana

blue skies 



weeding meditation 


tofu scramble 

blackberry jam 

open windows 

cool breeze 

clothes drying on the line 



friends; human + animal  


vegan ice cream sandwich 





what makes up your beautiful summer day? 


how do you use your hands in a positive way?



Radish Harvest

June 25, 2010

henry county, indiana

hi there,

the radishes are ready! these were quite mild and made  a very nice evening dinner. considering the abundance, we could be eating these for a while :).

please take a few minutes to look up into your night sky and gaze at the full strawberry moon. it’s lovely.

summer evenings are the best.