Rain Rain Go Away

May 19, 2010


martin farm, prairie township, henry county, indiana


i know it’s been ages since i’ve posted, so please accept my apologies.

this photo was taken june 2009 (i think). i’ve posted it before,  i’m certain. it was taken at  a fun party that some good friends and neighbors invited me to (well, 3 miles to the east, but in a rural area that’s still considered a neighbor). i like the way the tree reflects in the water, it’s so realistic. it makes me wonder; when i see my reflection, do i truly see myself? something to ponder.


 if i haven’t been posting on the blog, just what have i been doing?

i’ve been watching it rain. a lot. the garden is mud. i can’t even step foot into it. i’ve been a bit anxious about getting the garden put out,  but considering how many years i’ve planted a vegetable garden,  i should realize that this is spring and sometimes you just have to wait. i always like to say mother nature likes to let us know who’s in charge.

i’ve also been reading. while my recent choice in books are not books i would highly recommend, they have kept me grounded in my voluntary simplicity/ anti-consumerism approach to life.  something i would  highly recommend is the norwegian film kitchen stories. charming, funny, and poigant all in one.

as far as local news goes, the abandoned grain elevator right across the road from me is no more. they are hauling off the rubble as i write this;  so long,  north windbreak!  also, only 7 days of school left!  weeeeeeeeeeeee!  i found out that the dnr has finally admitted that there are wild cats in the area.  the local farmers are not amused.

 i hope that once school is out and the garden is planted, i’ll be back to posting on a regular basis.

hurry summer, i need you!




Gather at the Pond

June 15, 2009

henry county, indiana

henry county, indiana

recently, i was invited to a gathering at a friends home who lives nearby. it was a lot of fun and i met some really nice folks. eventually, everyone ended up out at the pond. it was a nice evening;  fishing, conversation, making new acquaintances. i took advantage of the evening light to snap a few of these photographs.
thank you ryan and jacque, it was a nice evening.

Down in the Wash 8

May 13, 2009

henry county, indiana

henry county, indiana

Tiny Stream

April 6, 2009

wilber wright fish and wildlife area, henry county, indiana

wilber wright fish and wildlife area, henry county, indiana

on it’s way to the blue river.

Buck Creek

March 29, 2009

henry county, indiana

henry county, indiana

i thought i would add one more winter photo before moving on to spring. fare well winter, we had fun.